This website provides copies of my publications, background information for students who are interested in the courses I teach at Boston College and Harvard University, and information aboutmy book, Addiction: A disorder of choice. 

At Boston College, I teach Introduction to Psychology as a Natural Science, Experimental Psychology Research— a course in which we conduct experiments on topics in psychology—and seminars on choice and addiction. At Harvard, I teach courses on addiction.

Currently, I am writing on topics in addiction and working with students who are doing research on delay and social discounting, subjective value (e.g., utility functions), and mental rotation. The new research is motivated in part by the results from student projects that were conducted in the BC lab course and contributes to our understanding of choice, cooperation, and cognition. In turn these topics shed light on human affairs, particularly issues involving self-control and impulsivity (e.g., addiction).

A brief biography and my CV are on the “Vita” page. “Vita” page.

You can contact me at (617) 552-9287,heymang@bc.edu or gheyman@fas.harvard.edu .

My office address is 505 McGuinn Hall, Department of Psychology, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467.